Sunday, June 1, 2008

Joshua's First Triathlon

I couldn't have been more happy than if I was competing in the race myself but today my oldest son Joshua (9 yrs old) became the newest triathlete in our family. The feeling of completing a race is great but when your child completes a race you get this overwhelming sense of joy.

Joshua didn't train for this race but his pure athleticism got him through the course. He started with a 100 yard swim. He swam really hard but, like his mom, still needs to work a little harder on his stroke. His transition from swim to bike was amazing and FAST! We picked up some new shoe laces for him yesterday and he opted for the "no sock" race so he was super fast. Running through the transition area with his bike and into the bike course was smooth (much more so than mine!) and he was strong as could be during the 2 1/2 mile bike portion of the race. He passed just about every bike he came close to and finished the bike portion really strong. The transition from bike to run wasn't quite as smooth because his bike fell over and then he was turned around running the wrong way with his bike helmet still on to leave the transition area. Quickly he realized what he had done and took of his helmet and headed in the right direction. The 1/2 mile run wasn't as smooth as it could have been but he really pushed so hard in the bike portion that he felt the realization of never completing a BRICK workout (bike/run combo) during his training. It is a feel you really need to get used to before the day of the race.

Joshua finished his race in 22 minute and 11 seconds. FANTASTIC JOB, Joshua! Before long he'll be kickin' past me in an adult triathlon...not if I have anything to do with it. :)

To view photos from the race you can watch the slideshow below. If you would like to see larger photos you can either double click the photos below and then pick "slideshow" option or you can go to: .


The pain, oh the pain! said...

That is just adorable! It's so cool that you are getting him into it. Hopefully he'll become addicted like the rest of us. The pictures really capture the nerves and fun of competing! Even at that age. I love the one with his sister at the end. How cute!

thesawhooks said...

WOW! Great pics too!!