Thursday, October 18, 2007

Giving Thanks

For the past few years I have tried to focus more attention than normal to the Thanksgiving holiday. It is such a great holiday but there are a few things that bother me about it. First, the stores & malls: why do they begin selling Halloween decorations around the end of September and Christmas decorations around mid-October? What happens to all the Thanksgiving items? Well, the few items they do place on display typically end up in the clearance area of the store by November 1st...and Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet! As individuals we tend to welcome the coming of Thanksgiving so we can have a day off from work and a full day of stomach-stuffing and football watching.

There are millions of things to be thankful for so, as a way to remember Thanksgiving this year I have opted to create a Thanksgiving blog instead of sending out Christmas cards. Although it saves on postage (and I'm always looking for ways to save a penny) I can promise you it has taken much more time to prepare than just signing my name to a card!

We are continually giving thanks to God for keeping our family healthy over the past year. We have had a few medical issues such as Ko's heart problems and Joshua's sleep apnea/tonsilectomy but we rely on our Jehovah Rapha to heal.

NOTE: While viewing our blog you may notice a few photo slideshows. If the slideshow is complete it will show an arrow in the middle of the photo. To view the photos just click on the arrow and the slideshow will begin.

Our photos from the past year are listed on our online photo album. You can access the photos by clicking on this link: .

I hope you enjoy my new idea...


Carolyn & Mike said...

Hi guys,
We loved your pictures! It's so wonderful to see your smiling faces and know that you are well.
We miss you and wish you all the best.
Happy Thanksgiving!
The Sheerins

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy & Ko,

This is such a beautiful way to connect. I absolutely love all the pictures and the letters. It's been so long since we ran into your family. You are all so beautiful and my, the kids have grown so much! Thank you for your time and love spent on creating such a wonderful letter. I feel your warmth all the way here. We miss you very much! Happy Thanksgiving!