Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I will survive!

It's been a while since I've written about my weight loss journey. Some of it is because my life has been really busy with out-of-town weekend trips, Memorial Day parties, races, etc. But, more than anything I think it's been because I've had "writers block!" I'm not big on "to do" lists so when all my activities and responsibilities are floating around in my head it's hard to think about anything else!

As far as my diet goes, I've been up, down and all around for the past three weeks. One week I was up 3 lbs but I was also up 3 lbs in lean muscle and down in my body fat percentage. The next week I lost 1/2 lbs and minimal 1/2 inch here and there. I know the problem...ME. The diet is fine. But, going out of town and celebrating with old friends is always an issue for me. See, I'm a social eater. Put me in front of a potluck meal and I'm in my biggest nightmare! Throw in a few glasses of wine and it makes things even harder.

Memorial Day weekend was really hard from a dieting perspective. On Sunday I had my first triathlon of the season (I got third place in my age group! Yeah!!!) but it was quickly followed by a post-race party at a friends house, a pool party with my triathlon team, and a neighborhood party my friend had invited me to attend. That day was one big temptation for me...and I failed!

However, when I weighed in today I was pleasantly surprised. I was down a 1/2 inch here or there but I had lost 3.5 lbs. So, today I am ALMOST 25 lbs down!!! I have 14.5 lbs to go to reach my goal and if everything goes as planned I should reach that goal before the end of June. I had hoped to reach my goal by the end of May but I can't allow myself to fret over the mistakes I've made and have to continue to move forward.

Here are the stats:

This week:
3.5 lb weight loss
0.25 inch in chest
0.5 inch in waist
0.03% body fat loss

Total since March 31st

24.5 lbs weight loss
0.5 inch from my chest
7.5 inches from my waist
4 inches from my hips
1.5 inch from my arm
1.5 inches from my thigh
3.7% of my total body fat
No significant lean body mass loss

Moving forward without regret...