Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My official race results

It's official - here are my race times:

6th place in age group (AG), 128th overall. Time: 36:37
Swim: 6th place in AG, 153rd overall. Time: 5:33 - much better than I thought!
Bike: 2nd place in AG, 81st overall. Time: 17:21 - includes Transition 1 (T1) time
Run: 16th place in AG, 170th overall. Time: 13:44 - includes Transition 2 (T2) time

It's obvious where I lost the race - THE RUN!!! I knew my legs were dead and my breathing was horrible but I guess it's something I'll be working on in training a little harder. Time for a BRICK (Bike/Run combo training) or two...or three...

Just for comparison sake I wanted to update the blog with my race times from my first triathlon back in March. Because it was March in VA they did the swim last so my times will be a little different because of that.

March Tune Up Tri results:
4th place in AG, 108th overall. Time: 37:02
Run: 8th place in AG, 138th overall. Time: 12:05
Bike: 5th place in AG, 82nd overall. Time: 17:04 - includes T1 time.
Swim: 6th place in AG, 131st overall. Time: 7:54 - includes T2 time.

Also, just to note:

March Tune Up Tri:
T1 consisted of putting on bike helmet & sunglasses
T2 consisted of taking off run/bike clothes, bike helmet, sunglasses, shoes and socks

Manassas Mini Tri:
T1 consisted of putting on run/bike clothes, bike helmet, sunglasses, bike shoes
T2 consisted of taking off bike shoes, putting on running shoes, taking off bike helmet & sunglasses, putting on running hat, drinking some water.

I really wish I had specific transition times for these two races so I could compare how I'm actually doing both in the transition area and on each sport. Maybe the next time I'll remember to actually use my watch!!!

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