Thursday, December 2, 2010

What motivates me and why Nuu-Muu?

As a busy homeschool mom and owner of a photography business my life can get really crazy. Thankfully, I'm able to take time out of my day for exercise. Some say I'm a little nuts when they hear about my 4:30 AM workouts but, with my family's schedule there are days that it needs to be done.

When I started running in 2002, I was considerably overweight and under motivated. I knew that running would help with my weight loss but I really didn't have a desire to do it. I knew that if I wanted to continue running I would need to find a way to stay focused and motivated. Initially my motivation came from entering races. I knew if I entered a race I would need to train sufficiently to get me to the finish line. Over the years, that motivation has helped me not only run 5k races but has taken me all the way to completing and winning my age group in half Ironman races which require swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles and running 13.1 miles all in the same race. It wasn't always easy but it was always worth it.

Today I am highly motivated by other people who are beginning their journeys. Whether it is someone who overcomes their fear of swimming and completes their first triathlon or a mom who has done nothing but sit and drink Eggnog Lattes for years and decides to train for and complete her first 5k. Helping coach and motivate others drives me to complete my own goals.

In 2011, I am excited about where my journey will take me. I plan on competing in two half Ironman races, a century bike ride, and many other smaller races. Based on the completion of those goals, 2011 may be the year I complete my first full Ironman race.

I am thankful to be partnered with Nuu-Muu for many reasons. First and foremost, the staff at Nuu-Muu is fantastic. They are real women, like me, and I enjoy the passion they have for life. The dresses, well, they are just the cutest I've ever seen and they really work well with my lifestyle. You can wear them in the summer, of course, but just add a few layers and you've got a great winter look, too! Nuu-Muu Exercise Dresses are great for training and great for getting together with friends. Best of all, when I'm done with my workout I throw my Nuu-Muu on and feel totally cute! Now THAT'S a great feeling to have after a workout!