Saturday, September 21, 2013 numbers

As I was on my ride today there were a lot of numbers in my head so I decided to write them all down just to clear my head, if nothing else! 

0: Times we got lost (for those that know me, this is a huge accomplishment as of late)
1: Time Tracy almost got crushed by a car
1: Time Tracy almost got attacked by a monster bug
1: Time we saw someone holding a bike helmet on their handlebars but NOT wearing it (her blonde locks did look beautiful in a Farrah Fawcett kind of way)
2: Stories about bodily functions
3: Live animals that crossed in front of me (8-point buck, snake, and, of course, a squirrel)
3.5: Crazy hard-core triathlete chicks on a hilly SUFFERFEST ride (see below for 0.5)
4: Roads with "town" or "ville" in their name
5+: Times Tracy asked people to please wear helmets on the trail.
10.4: Percent grade of biggest hill
18: Miles Renee got to ride with us (the 0.5 of a chick above)
25: Minutes late starting our ride
30: Dollars I had to pay my son for babysitting
32: Ounces of purchased drinks along the way (Gatorade & Coke)
42: Tracy's highest MPH speed for the day (you probably don't want to know the lowest! Maybe 2! LOL)
73: Miles rode
700: Roadkill (okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration...or not) 
4653: Feet of elevation

But, the best part of my day was doing this.....

Sufferfest September is in the books!