Saturday, December 28, 2013

Coming back is hard

For the past six weeks, I have been staying off my feet from running. I was having some issues at the back of my heel right around the achilles tendon/bursa area below:

I figured if I went to the doctor, they would just tell me to stay off my feet for several weeks so I went ahead and prescribed my own medicine and saved me a trip. Besides, I've already been to the doctor too many times lately (strep for me, strep for my son, allergic reaction to cats for my son where his eye was almost swollen shut, etc.). I figured while I was sitting around for 6 weeks, I might as well load up on holiday treats and beverages to the point that I probably gained about a million pounds over the holidays. NOT a good recipe for triathlon success!

With temperatures in the mid 50's, I decided to head out on a run today. I figured my heels had enough time, with this beautiful weather, I would be a fool not to at least attempt a run. Well, there are several things wrong with that thought process: 1) I've had a horrible cough/congestion/possible strep (again...) for the past 5 days 2) Did I say I gained a million pounds? 3) I decided now was as best time as any to try out my new orthoTics (note: I have obviously been misspelling orthoDics incorrectly my entire life and just found out today. This brings up totally different issues as I am part of the grammar police!!!). 4) I decided this would be the first time I would attempt a Strava run directly from my cell phone app and I wasn't exactly sure how it all worked. 4) I was totally overdressed for a 50+ degree run.

But, given all that, I did a run/walk of a little over a mile and I felt pretty good physically. Tomorrow I will attempt another short run with the orthoTics and maybe by next week I'll be able to wear them with each run.

Time to get back at it. I can't complete Rev3 Cedar Point 140.6 without some training!!!

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