Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's all about forward motion

I say I'm pleased with my weight loss results this week but if I'm really honest with myself I'm disappointed. I'm not disappointed because I didn't lose a certain amount of pounds. I'm disappointed because I cheated. Cheating on my diet only means that I'm cheating myself out of what's best for my body. They weren't "big" cheats like eating a big piece of chocolate cake or anything like that but the little bite of cracker here and there or skipping on my veggies because I just didn't want them - THOSE are the type of cheats I'm talking about.Thankfully there have only been 5 days since my last weigh in and I could learn my lesson quickly without going any additional days on this downward cheating spiral. I'm able to take what happened and hopefully learn from it.

I'm a big fan of the show "The Biggest Loser" and last night's show really spoke to me. Kaylee, who gained 4 lbs last week, had a goal to succeed this week. She said "I can let it (the weight gain) distract me or I can do everything in my power to fight to stay here." Her trainer, Cara, said that "Kaylee has never believed in herself. She has always settled for less her whole life." Kaylee, who is very close to her weight goal ended up losing 5 lbs this week and made changes in her life she never thought possible.

Kaylee reminds me of myself. I have always settled for less in my life when it comes to my weight. I have always had a mental block getting below a certain size/weight and here I find myself again in that same place. I start sabotaging my efforts and my weight starts to increase again. I CAN'T let the same thing happen to me this time. THIS is my moment to grasp all that is there for me and move forward in this journey. It's all about the forward motion.

In the upcoming weeks I'm going to have to pay extra close attention to my body and hunger "pains." I'm also going to start testing different nutrition on my long workouts and see what I can use to replace the Gu and electrolyte drinks I'm so used to having.

So, here are the stats...

This week (5 days only):
1 lb weight loss
2 inches in waist
1.5 inches in hips
0.51% body fat loss

Total since March 31st
1.5% of my total body fat
5.5 inches from my waist
3 inches from my hips
1 inch from my arm
1.5 inches from my thigh
No significant lean body mass loss

Now it's time to get real, get serious, and STOP CHEATING!

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Samantha said...

Having lost almost 70 pounds over the last 18 months, I totally hear you, Tracy. But don't beat yourself up... a "cheat" is going to happen every now and again. Your stats to date are impressive, focus on that, and that each day is a new opportunity to start fresh. You'll move past it, and remember long term that treats every now and again are okay... life isn't about depravity! :)