Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 19

Okay, I've been craving chocolate! I haven't had this craving for a while but I figured if I didn't give it to my craving (that I've had since last night, by the way) I would go hog wild with it. So, I drank a mocha frappuccino. I had them make it as low-calorie as possible but I obviously blew my Zone! Worst part - it didn't even taste that good. But, hopefully it has curbed my desire for chocolate.

I went to the grocery today so it's always an exciting time when I get back with all the new yummy food. I found some amazing deals on meat today so the bulk of my food purchases was meat. Hopefully today will be a perfect day for steaks on the grill because that's what I'm planning!

Here's today's lunch:

Romaine Lettuce
bell peppers

*Crushed these up really fine because some days I just don't want big chunks of meat or veggies in my salad. It gives it a different texture and satisfies my pallet a little better.

1/2 Muskmelon

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