Friday, January 17, 2014

A challenge to myself

As a youth triathlon coach, I'm constantly asking my youth to challenge themselves. So, today I decided to take on a challenge of my own. See, earlier this week, I finally replaced the battery on my bathroom scales (yeah, it had been months...). I replaced the battery because I needed to see what my actual weight was for the Team Z Fat bet that Coach Ed "CHALLENGED" us to! When I first registered, I was given the option to put in my actual weight but could then change it later if I wasn't sure of the real number.

I put in "X" weight.

I replaced my battery.

I weighed myself.

I died a little inside.

I was "X+17" pounds!

So, I immediately plodded my fat butt over to Gold's Gym and signed up for a membership with all the other New Years Resolutionists (I don't know if that's a word but I'm using it and I'm sticking to it!).

I talked to one of the trainers who then proceeded to tell me totally different "lose weight" stuff than I've been hearing for the past few years. Weight loss information is so confusing, yet so simple. Calories in vs Calories out. Yeah, I know you Paleo folks will be like "Yeah, but it's about what KIND of calories you put in your body." And some of you frutarians will be like "You shouldn't eat anything but'll never meet a fat fruitarian." Others of you will say "WORK OUT HARDER!" Well, here's the deal....

I'm not cutting my hair until I lose 13 pounds (I've already lost 4.5 lbs) ! I don't care if I lose it in the first week. I really don't. Maybe when I'm 80 I'll say "oh, hey, I shouldn't have lost those 13 lbs so fast." But, will that really be what I'm concerned about when I'm 80?

I'm starting to weight train, I'm starting to count calories (currently 1588/day), I'm drinking so much water I'm going to the bathroom every hour...and this is the type of "normal" activity I will keep up...I have for years (just not the weight training...). Oh, and all of this is on top of getting back into the swim/bike/run routine, of course! The past two months have been difficult because I've had some issues with my foot. But, praise God, that's all looking great!

Back to the cutting my hair comment...I really should have had my hair cut about a month ago. It's at that stage where I can't do anything with it. So, not cutting my hair will be a huge challenge. But, there has to be SOMETHING to motivate me besides the weight. So, that's what it is. My hair. My vanity.

Who wants to join me by challenging themselves to something? It doesn't have to be weight or exercise related. What's a challenge you want to set for yourself? Let me hear from you!


Nicole Kesten said...

Calories in vs Calories out. totally true. I also love that you are having your hair cut be your reward. Best of luck! I am also setting a challenge to lose 10 lbs but summit (as i dealt with an injury in the off season and i love to eat.. so the combo was bad)

Our journey is to get back to "X"!!!!

Tracy Reed said...

I love that Nicole...a journey to "get back to X!"

Novia said...

I have only one thing to say: FIND A DIETITIAN (pretty sure I didn't spell that right). I know your BMR has to be higher than mine, and my dietitian is constantly reminding me that I don't eat for my BMR, I eat for all the things above and beyond my BMR. Other than that, good on ya gurl! do werk, you'll get there, you always do!