Thursday, April 4, 2013

What would you do with an extra hour?

Four days ago I embarked upon a 30 day journey with my Rev3 Teammate, Trimommy as part of her #Project30Days.

As part of my journey, I decided I would no longer lay around in my bed all morning (7 am...) but would start getting up NO LATER than 6 am. There is so much that can be done in just that one hour but, when I get up even earlier I feel like I've made great strides in getting my life back on track. So, what has changed in just these four days?

  • There aren't piles of laundry to be cleaned
  • There aren't dirty dishes in the sink (although there will be in about 30 minutes when my kids wake up!)
  • Candles are lit early in the morning making the house smell fresh (this is something I really love!)
  • Floors are vacuumed.
  • Business projects have been completed.
  • The stack of paperwork on my desk has been organized.
  • HEALTHY breakfasts have been fixed (typically cereal is part of our morning ritual. Not now!).
  • Started blogging more.
And...all it took was waking up an hour early for only the past four days. Imagine what I'll accomplish in the next 26 days!

If you had an extra hour in the day how would you spend it?


Kelly Covert said...

As you know this is one of my goals for the month too, and so far I have been amazed at how getting up early has made my entire day more productive! I'm not even spending that first hour doing much, but it just sets the tone for the whole day! Keep it up!!!

Marnee A said...

I'm not sure where I would find the hour; as it is I get up at 4:40 every morning for workout maybe I will snag it at the end of the day instead of watching TV...what would I do? Read through the stack of books on my night stand! :)

Tracy Endo said...

Marnee - you are an animal!!! :)