Thursday, March 21, 2013

What's a name for your cup?

Starbucks Employee: May I help you
Me: I'll take a tall Americano with room
Starbucks Employee: What's a name for your cup?
Me: Tracy

Later I was kicking myself. Why would I name my cup "Tracy?" I mean, there are so many more unique names than Tracy...for MY CUP! "Cuppie," "Sippie," "Roberta," "Henrietta!" Why did I lack such creativity in my response?

Sometimes I'm just not as creative when I need to be IN THE MOMENT! Are you ever like that? Share with me a time when you wish you would have been WAY MORE CREATIVE in your response to someone.

Speaking of creativity...when I was in Israel a few years ago, someone had a VERY creative idea...Stars & BUCKS! They aren't kidding!!!! Somehow I think this might be illegal, though...

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