Thursday, September 30, 2010

Suggested ideas for off-season triathlon training

It’s not quite time for a talk about off-season training, but when you are running in the dark every morning you should probably start thinking about how you’re going to spend your winter hours this year.
So many new triathletes feel the winter months are a time to relax and unwind after a busy year of training and, if you weren’t a triathlete that might be exactly what you would do. However, training through the winter is what your competition may not be doing and you’ll have the advantage next season.
Some great ideas for off-season training include:
  1. Computrainer classes – These classes allow you to compete against yourself and others in a virtual bike race. It enables you to build endurance as well as practice skills and technique all while riding on your own bike. You might start out eating everyone’s “virtual dust” for a while but the longer you attend the classes the stronger you will become.
  2. Train with a coach or a group – Many people think that coaches and group training are useful during the midst of your season. But, they will help push you through the winter by making sure you are at your workouts even if there are blizzard-like conditions. Having that extra “push” out the door might be just what you need to get you through the winter. Getting the extra track workouts that your competition didn’t will be a great advantage!
  3. Strength training/Yoga – Now is the time to get stronger. Join a class and keep with the schedule. Staying strong and flexible will enable you to stay off the injury list.
By implementing some of these ideas this winter you will be much stronger and well prepared for racing when next spring rolls around.

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